One of the vital problems in now a day is that, the fake certificate which can be found here and there. The verification system which is another name of hassle where the candidates has to run behind the verifier which cost lot of valuable times. Fake certificate causes many problems in times of going aboard and other valuable time. LEADS EduChain enable individuals to hold their own records and share them directly with others for verification. The blockchain acts here as a notary that can always attest to the authenticity of certificates. With this system the authority can create and issues
certificates digitally to the certificate owners with QR and unique hash code. The owner then can easily share his certificate to others for verification. Verifier can instantly verify certificates with a single click. Using blockchain technology, this apps ensures the
convenience, privacy, trust, originality and immutability of identities.


  • Institute could easily create and issue certificates with unique token
  • Certificate could digitally sharable to verifier/auditor/employer
  • Verifier can verify certificates with a single click from anywhere
  • Insure the authenticity and originality of the certificate
  • Instant verification from mobile with QR code
  • No intermediary party is required for validation