CenterPoint (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a business approach that consolidates all aspects of a business — such as accounting, payroll, human resource, supply chain, warehouse management, warranty management and so on and work as a mirror of your business. Capabilities to end to end view such as the entire business activities, performance, unwanted issues, and provide integrated information that enables you to make decision, future plan, control need, cost, manage quality and take proactive action for better business capability.

Features & Benefits of CenterPoint

  • Centralized web-based system
  • Parameterized business rule
  • Dynamic report format option
  • Data transfer and import option
  • Integrated, Consistent Information
  • Reliable and Increased Functionality (Reduce Operational Difficulties)
  • Easier Communications across the organization
  • Increases organizational transparency and responsibility
  • Facilitates strategic planning
  • Increased Security of Data
  • Ability to Provide Better Customer Service